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“Time for Change”

George Neophytou is a genuine Independent who is contesting a seat in the Legislative Assembly, Gippsland East District.  He is not a member of any political party, past or present.

Why should you vote for an independent?  Well like you I am sick of the politicians and their party agendas.  For a regional district, in particular, an independent like myself with the capacity and ability will get you real outcomes.  As a solicitor George is experienced in fighting for his clients and the role would shift to fighting for his constituents.

Further, as an independent your only priority is to act for your constituents, party policies and agendas do not get in your way.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that the major parties spend more and more time on internal squabbles than the business of governance and delivery of services for society.  The parties are just large bureaucracies and elected party members must follow direction from the party first, before representation of his/her constituency.  Just visit an elected party member and try to get help on a crucial local issue, if it does not follow the party agenda, you will not get any help and the answer is no!

If you want representation and real action on the issues affecting us vote 1 George Neophytou.